Frequently asked questions

Local Community On Manningtree High Street – Photo By TazzyBro

Local Community On Manningtree High Street – Photo By TazzyBro

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are welcome in the town centre and some activities will be on the street. However, many of the stalls will be indoors, where it may not be practical/permitted to bring dogs, so we’d recommend you leave your 4 legged friends at home if possible.

Will there be alcohol for sale?

We will definitely be selling a range of sustainable alcohol, along with a range of healthy and sustainable drinks.

Will there be coffee for sale?

There will most definitely be coffee for sale, along with a range of other healthy and sustainable drinks.

Is the Manningtree Earth Festival suitable for kids?

100% yes! In fact, we WANT you to bring your kids. The care of our planet involves them as much as us!


Please arrive at the festival on foot or by bike if possible. There are bike stands at Manningtree rail station, opposite the Wholefood Store on the High Street and outside the sorting office near the library. Manningtree is well connected by rail to Ipswich, Colchester and the Mistley line. See www.trainline.com for tickets and timetables. 

There are also a number of buses that come into Manningtree and we strongly encourage travel by public transport where possible. If you do drive, please don’t try to park in the town centre. 

Is there parking available at the festival?

Bike Racks are available at the marketplace, outside the library & the beach. Parking at the Co-op until 9pm for festival-goers who are unable to walk and along the Walls. A shuttlebus runs from the town centre to the train station and back!

How is the festival funded?

Manningtree Earth Festival would not be possible without the tremendous commitment and hard work of a large number of volunteers.

We are grateful for funds towards the Manningtree Earth Festival received from the Essex Fund and Stour Valley Environment Fund (which are administered by Essex Community Foundation). We have also received donations from the Manningtree District Business Chamber, PACE Manningtree, Manningtree Town Council, Mistley Parish Council, Lawford Parish Council and Tendring District Council, as well as personal donations from several anonymous donors. 

Many thanks to all our hosts in the town who have generously allowed us to use their space for the festival.

How is the festival reducing its carbon footprint?

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

We aim to minimise waste produced at the Festival and recycle any that is produced. All the Food Stalls have been asked to use sustainable packaging. We will have 6 Recycling Stations around the Festival each with:

  • Red box for paper and card; Green box for plastic bottles and cans; Green Caddy for food waste; White Box for glass; Box for tetra-packs; Black Wheelie-bin for landfill
  • Volunteers will set up the Recycling Stations, check them during the Festival and encourage visitors to get waste in the right bins. After the Festival we will take everything to the Lawford Recycling Centre using the PACE Electric Cargo-bike.

We support Tendring District Council’s recycling scheme and thank them for supplying the Recycling Bins and to Unsealed for bringing their Refill Shop which is in the High Street.