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Mermaids Against Sewage Protest – Photo By TazzyBro

Mermaids Against Sewage Protest – Photo By TazzyBro

Why should I donate?

The Manningtree Earth Festival (MEF 2023) is a free community event, aimed at inspiring and educating visitors to take practical action to support climate and the environment. These actions needn’t be costly or complicated and we hope that the Manningtree Festival will open your eyes to AT LEAST ONE CHANGE that you can implement straight away.  By learning, and doing things differently, together we can all make a big difference, simply share with the hashtag #PACEMyAction.

MEF 2023 is a PACE project; more information about PACE can be found below.

What does PACE do?

PACE (Practical Actions for Climate and the Environment) is a local community group exploring and carrying out activities in the wider Manningtree area to help address the climate crisis and support our environment. We want to increase understanding and take positive steps to protect our local environment. We want to help people and businesses in our community to reduce their carbon footprint.

 Our website can be found here –

Over the past couple of years, PACE has taken part in over 30 initiatives ranging from online events (about fast fashion, gardening to support wildlife and a hustings for local elections), litter picks, awareness-raising events and plastic free initiatives. PACE needs your help and is grateful for both donations of time and money to help run these and other great projects aimed at helping to entertain, inspire, educate and empower those looking to choose a greener path.

How can I donate?

You can donate to PACE by Bank Transfer as follows:



SORT CODE: 23-05-80

Please note that the Metro Bank is not part of the automatic verification scheme which links the account number to the account name so customers get a message to say that the account name (in our case PACE Manningtree) could not be verified even if you do put in the correct account number. 

Thank you

Who PACE can help…

Individuals, environmental groups, educationalists and companies can all benefit by working with PACE.

… and who can help us!

To make a bigger difference, we need more people. PACE is set to become a registered charity this year and needs support from volunteers and through donations. The vast array of projects that PACE has already undertaken is just the beginning and we need you to take part and to let us know what you’d like to see. The projects we engage in are usually the ones we believe will have the most impact and we need your support and information to help make these choices. Join us over on Facebook or email to get involved