Manningtree Earth Festival – Photo By TazzyBro

Manningtree Earth Festival – Photo By TazzyBro

Manningtree Earth Festival – Photo By TazzyBro

A Free Earth Festival For Local People
Entertain, Inspire, Educate & Empower

Sunday 11th June 2023, 12 – 6 pm


We get it.
It’s hard. You’re busy. Money’s tight.
And yet…

Manningtree is special (if you live here you’ll know that already). Keeping it that way will take all of us. So if you want to do the right thing, but aren’t sure where to start, put Manningtree Earth Festival on 11th June 2023 into your diary now (12noon – 6pm). It has been carefully created to show lots of options so you can make your choices with both your family and our planet in mind. We’ve brought together some of the Manningtree area’s most creative and successful businesses, charities and individuals to give you inspiration and information on your journey towards sustainability.

The aim of the Festival is to turn the centre of Manningtree into a fun, informative, inspirational and free space for all the family to learn more about how we can, individually and collectively, reduce our carbon footprint and reverse global warming.

The science is terrifying. We now have less than three years to turn around global warming to ensure it doesn’t reach the irreversible tipping point of 1.5°. We’re not even close to achieving that. Following current policy, Earth is on track for 2.7° of warming by 2100. A figure which will see catastrophic consequences not only for the poor around the world but for us all, here in Manningtree. To avoid this we all need to start reducing our personal carbon footprint straight away and halve it by 2030, from the average 7.7 tonnes per person per year to 3.8 tonnes.

We’re not talking about perfection. We’re not asking you to buy an electric car if you can’t afford one: we’re talking about manageable decisions as part of your day to day life, which if we make them collectively, WILL make a difference.

What will you do? Come along to the Manningtree Earth Festival to find out…

See you there.


Manningtree Town Centre


12 – 6pm on Sunday June 11th

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